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GI Importance of Alphonso Mango

Why Geographical Indication(GI) is important for alphonso mango

Our Alphonso Mango Online Farm Location

The summer indicates arrival of the original organic alphonso mango from Devgad and Ratnagiri on coastal konkan of Maharashtra state in India. Our farms and mango orchards are on konkan coastal belt near Vijaydurg fort which build in 12th century near Ratnagiri. These pure authentic fruits are available on our ecommerce portal from march to June every year.

Our Alphonso Mango GI Farm Registration No- AU/7056/GI/139/730

The mango lovers are often confused the variety as Ratnagiri but this is the geographical location where alphonso (Hapus) mango is grown. They will ask for Ratnagiri or Devgad and not the alphonso. Many customers ask for alphonso and don’t want to buy Hapus which is local name of alphonso. Though the most famous alphonso variety is widely grown in Konkan, people are unaware of its location and end up in buying from other regions such as Gujarat or Karnataka or Kerala. In market the source of alphonso is not traceable most of the times and look a like of alphonso from other regions fall in the hands of the customer.

The traceability is very important from where the alphonso mango is coming from. The GI tag which is Geographical indication tag for genuine indigenous produce is very important. So, unless your product is GI tagged, it cannot be trusted for the originality. Just check the GI tag is of a farmer or a trader.

Our Alphonso Mango Farm Mangonet Registration No- MH3001075701

Our mangoes are qualified for Europeun Union and impoters from USA and asian countries prefer our Alphonso Mango.

Biodiversity around Alphonso Mango Tree
Are Alphonso Mango Sweet

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