The most iconic tussle between Devgad Alphonso mango Vs Ratnagiri Alphonso mango

The tussle between Devgad Alphonso and Ratnagiri Alphonso has entered in a different game all together. The Devgad Alphonso farmers are not only acquiring customers across India, but are also engaging in a verbal duel as they fight hard to protect their identity.

In southern region in india no doubt Devgad alphonso losing the premium market leadership position to Ratnagiri alphonso, but Devgad growers has accused the fellow Ratnagiri growers for discounting and stripdowns to gain volumes and numbers. Ratnagiri alphonso thus captures leadership position in south, across Gujrat and APMc Mandis. Due to loss in identity and search of new identity devgad alphonso find its own way of existence. The place name known as Nargulwadi in devgad has found unique solution to sale produced alphonso mango in Pune. This alphonso growers harvest the mangoes, ripe them in hey and sale at own shop in pune. Thus Devgad alphonso has top position on the strength of its taste and aroma in pune and sangli market.

Ratnagiri alphonso cheaper by 500 rs per wooden box peti and has a different take on selling point. IN B2B segment mainly Ratnagiri alphonso is preferred choice due to rate which was built on discounting. This is not what Devgad alphonso growers do , they focused on Online ecommerce platform, Sangli and Pune premium Ripe mango market.

“We are clear on maintaining our product quality and brand, while having an aggressive pricing,”

Mr Raghunathrao , Director ( Farm Operations) of, said.

Ratnagiri Alphonso mango has gained significant volumes in Ahmadabad, Surat, Rajkot in Gujrat. Though the ratnagiri region suffered loss in volume from 2021 to 2023, 2024 is heavenly flowering experience across Ratnagiri region. As Ratnagiri alphonso growers was priced relatively lower than its closed rival Devgad alphonso , both have their own colour and taste formation due to soil and climatic conditions.

Devgad mango skin is thinner than Ratnagiri alphonso and has saffron colour when we cut it. Ratnagiri Mango has thick skin and yellowish shade when we cut it. Both have their own Geographic indication (GI) .

Devgad alphonso from Vijaydurg location has highest premium price due to unique location and climatic advantages. If APMC vashi having rate for ratngiri alphonso ‘x’ per dozen , Vijaydurg devgad alphonso operates at as high as ‘2x’ per dozen. In Alphonso pulp market too devgad has high preference over Ratnagiri alphonso pulp.

Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango in Pune

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