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Alphonso Mango Sugar Content-

Alphonso mango is a sweet variety. It is plucked from the tree while the fruit is matured, yet green in colour. Naturally its peel turns yellow after 8 to 12 days and the alphonso becomes soft. This indicated the it is fully ripe and you can consume it. Alphonso mango is fibreless and its chunks are aromatic and sweet in taste. Sweetness of any matter is measured in Brix and Alphonso has good brix. Higher the Brix sweeter the fruit.Alphonso Mango has Brix range from 18 to 26 Degree.

Alphonso Mango Products-

While Alphonso Mango Pulp is extracted out of alphonso mango, it is so sweet that sugar is not needed to be added. However, to preserve the mano pulp small amount of sugar is added and containers are sealed airtight. Sugar act as a natural preservative and pulp can be stored at ambient temperature for more than one year. Alphonso mango is sweet throughout once fully ripened. If alphonso mango is cut before fully ripe, the pulp around seed is sour. This alphonso variety being sweet is very popular in ice-creams, milkshakes, shrikhand, juices etc.

Alphonso Mango Comparision with other states-

The alphonso mangoes from konkan regions like Devgad and Ratnagiri are sweetest and aromatic. Alphonso mango look alike from other states of India beyond Maharashtra are less sweet and sour in nature. Its important to verify the source of alphonso mangoes for this matter. Our genuine farmer’s e-portal online store has sweet variety of Devgad and Ratnagiri alphonso available from march to June every year during mango season. So lets enjoy the mango season this summer!

GI Importance of Alphonso Mango
Can Alphonso Mango Be Grown In Northen Region Of India

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