Alphonso mango farm

Can Alphonso Mango Be Grown In Northen Region Of India

Desired Climatic Condition Of Alphonso Mango Tree

Alphonso mango tree can be grown in warm and humid climate. This is the most suited climate for production of alphonso mangoes. Punjab and other northern states of India like Uttar Pradesh etc; the climate is cold and dry hence not suitable for production of alphonso mango crop. Alphonso tree may grow in these regions but the yield and inconsistent quality would always be a challenge. But other varieties of mango such as Malidabad, dasheri, chaunsa are cultivated here suited to the local climates.

The soil conditions and geology also play and important role in production and cultivation of alphonso mango crop. The konkan has a red soil and weathered laterite rock in upper crust which is most suitable for plantation of alphonso mango tree. Hilly terrain of konkan also plays an important role as a natural drainage of surface water. Alphonso grows best in lateritic soil which is high in iron oxide content. The soil is rich with iron and aluminium and reddish in colour.

Authentic Source of Alphonso Mango

The quality of alphonso mango in terms of its aroma, fragrance and taste is depends upon the factors such as climate and soil conditions as discussed above. One more factor which makes Ratnagiri and Devgad alphonso best in its class is its proximity to Arabian sea. The saline sea breeze is a key factor contributing to uniqueness of alphonso mango from this Ratnagiri and Devgad locations which cannot be replicated at other northern states of India which are away from the sea. Even alphonso mangoes lookalikes in the state of Kerala do not taste the same and bit sour though it shares similar climate and soils. For real alphonso, please visit online organic mango stores from March to June every year as that’s a season for authentic alphonso mango in India.

Are Alphonso Mango Sweet
Are Alphonso Mango Available now

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