Alphonso farm machhan

Alphonso Mango Orchard Machaan

Climbing on trees been human’s fascination, might have aroused out of the security against the predators or in the search of a food since their predecessor species, the apes. With less touch today on the trees with more travels and stays on the ground and in air, trees still calling human to rest his head on its shoulders. The tree house, local name Machaan become a popular activity zone for us today. People love climbing on trees and stay in there to enjoy overnight for the amazing experience of wild nature and the night skies. This is adventurous, isn’t it!

This adventure becomes a routine part at any alphonso mango orchards in summer during its harvest. In the start of summer season, the mango harvest starts and being an expensive fruit, its day and night care and security is an obvious exercise. Machaans are very useful to keep a watch on the entire orchards and this is not a single Machaan in the orchard but we have to build few. The konkan terrain is a hilly terrain and orchards are spreading across all the levels. The Machaans are constructed at such a height that the maximum area is covered from security point of view. Living on these Machaans is lifetime experience and fun too.

Machaans are obviously built up on trees with wooden planks and logs. Usually trees are mangoes or jackfruit. Mango trees are selected which bears non-commercial mango variety such as sour Rayval. Rayval variety is also a sweet variety sometimes and to be squeeze to take out its pulp. It’s not like alphonso mango which can be sliced. The logs make the total frame for this wood house and planks build its walls and floors. Ropes and ladders are detachable with Machaans and can be folded and lowered whenever needed. Care to be taken and to be watchful for any honeycomb around which may put you in trouble any time. No fires are permitted on tree houses so no cigars allowed on Machaans. Roof shall be shacked with coconut or palm tree leaves to keep it cool all day around.

As Sun sets, wild life activates at night. The sound of animals and breeze of winds makes the nights sweaty and sensational. The movement of any animal or human is to be observed in the dark night with the help of the torch light. Infrared cameras would be an added advantage to check any movement. Its wiser to carry a Licenced air guns as the Sound blown by the guns in the air will keep away the unwanted activities from damaging Alphonso orchards such as mango thefts and fires. In day light the visibility from Machaans is very high, so no problem in tracking any human activity around, especially at fence built in laterite uncoursed masonry wall, the Gadga. The fencing with barbed wire or electrical low voltage fence is a bad idea as it restricts the movement of wild life and harmful to the biodiversity as a whole. The eco system is always better to be maintained in conventional and natural way with less interference of humans. Machaans are the watch tower at various levels in the orchards which contributes to safety and security of orchards during harvest time.

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