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Ratnagiri and Devgad Alphonso Mango-

Alphonso mango from Ratnagiri and Devgad is the most expensive stone fruit in India. You will relate to the premium ness of this fruit with its exorbitant price. This is true from commercial trade perspective but the actual reason is hided in nature. Commercially any produce is sold at a price at economic concepts such as demand supply equations .More the demand higher the price at lesser supply and vice a versa. The traders always operate in this scenario and benefits from the trade on commission and inventory stockings.

If you closely look at the natural cycle of the season of alphonso mango fruit right from its cultivation, you will find why this fruit incur so much of a cost during its life cycle. Few important factors are mention here below:

Alphonso Mango surrounding Weather:

Alphonso mango is very sensitive to weather viz vi other varieties of mango. The factors like rains region receive from south west monsoon, the cold winters, harsh summers plays an important role is yield of this alphonso mangoes. If the rains are heavy to very heavy the fertilisers at the roots just washed away results in malnutrition to tree throughout the year. The unexpected rains during flowering and fruits on the trees will damage the whole crop. Farmer has no choice but to absorb the cost the fertilisers which are of no use to his orchards.

Alphonso Mango Grafting:

Its grafting has to be done correctly to get better mango produce from that tree in future. The taste and the yield matter a lot while you select saplings. In case while cultivation, such underperformed saplings are introduced the overall yield of an orchards in years to come will have an adverse impact on cost incurred by the farmer growing these trees.

Alphonso Mango Biannual bearing:

Alphonso mango cultivar is biannual bearing fruit. The photosynthesis, the process by which tree prepares food for itself affects the yield of the alphonso mango. When flowering is abundant the photosynthesis is on its peak, it consumes the lot of food during that season and hence less food is available for tree for next season. This affects the production of mangoes and less production and supply hike their prices in markets

Alphonso Mango Tree Pest attack:

Pest and fungi are two major attacks on alphonso mango trees like any other fruit bearing tree. Farmers has to do pest control and spending is more during major attacks that season. Heavy dosage and increase number of cycles of sprays with additional cost of labour results in higher maintenance cost at orchards.

Such factors along with hormonal changes within tree, improper cultural practices in region, less pollination of flowers, climate change and daily weather etc. contributes to lesser quality yield higher cost during the lifecycle of any orchards. To know more about genuine premium alphonso mangoes, you may visit and our sustainable policy at our orchards.

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