Alphonso mango farm

Ignorance of Biodiversity surrounding Alphonso mango orchards

The biodiversity in nature is so connected to us but we often ignore it. Our alphonso mango Orchards can never be healthy unless nature provides a biodiversity around it. The local flora and fauna are essential for survival of each other’s life on the earth and humans shall always be respectful towards them. Human has interference in the nature for his livelihood and survival as he cultivates the crops and also consumes products from livestock and seafood.

In Konkan, the boundaries of alphonso orchards are generally built in uncoursed laterite or basalt stone walls without any mortar into it. Laterite is available in abundant in Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg district in konkan belt of Maharashtra from foothills of Sahyadri Ghats on the east to the coast Arabian sea on the west. While the basalt rock is predominantly found in Raigad, Mumbai and Palghar district of konkan. It’s so natural fencing out of these stones that the wild animals do not find any hinderances passing through the fence. They can just crawl and jump off it. There is no pakka masonry walls with any barbed wire fencing, which could be harmful for the wild life and livestock. The wild life paths can also be marked and kept free for the passages of animals. This has been a practice since ages adopted by local farmers in the area.

Konkan has tropical humid climate with the amazing flora and fauna around. The scavengers such as Leopard, hyena, fox is found in konkan. Giant Lizard, civet, king cobras, python, apes, barking deer, wild boars, pangolins sightings are common. The poachers have made many species endangered now including pangolins and deer. They also hunt wild boars and rabbits for their daily food. In the skies white Sea eagle is the on topmost ladder. They build their nest on the entire coast of konkan. Vultures are now extinct from the Konkan in recent years and efforts are being done to again introduce them to this region.

Honeycombs are found on any tall tree, the efforts of honeybees round the year. The plants and flowers in konkan have huge diversity. Jaswand(Hibiscus), Aboli (Firecracker,crossandra infundibuliformis), Jui (Jasmine,Jasmine Molle), Sadafuli (Catharanthus roseus), Gokarn (Clitoria Ternatea), Nishigandh(Polianthes Tuberos), Lili (Lilium) , Jaai ( Jasmine, Jasminum) ,Kanheri (Cascabela thevetia),Shevanti(Yellow Chrysanthemum),Tagar(Crape Jasmine, Tabernaemontana divaricata),Rudraksh (Elaeocarpus ganitrus), Mogra (Mogra, Jasminum sambac), kegadi(Pandanus odorifer), Surangi (Mammea suriga), Bakul(Mimusops elengi),Rose and Marigold are amongst the local flowers in konkan.Some of them with nectars to quench thirst of birds like sunbird which are along with honeybees are essential for pollination. The red ants are also responsible especially in case of alphonso mango orchards in pollination.

Like every other region konkan has its own rich biodiversity and alphonso mango from this part of earth is known for its impeccable aroma and divine taste.This famous fruit is available on throughout  summer season. Once online shopping and order ,It is delivered to your doorstep all across India by efficient mode of transport including air to satisfy your taste buds on arrival of genuine and authentic alphonso mango.

Alphonso Mango Orchard Machaan
Alphonso mango orchard care Since 1890

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