Alphonso mango Farm

The tropical climate of Konkan and Alphonso Mango

Once monsoon sets in, the whole konkan goes into shelter as it rains so heavily here with thunderstorm that no one would like to get out of their homes. The southwest breeze from Arabian sea has gathered the divine clouds on its journey. These clouds will be now poured on the mother earth on the land of konkan and the unlimited dramas has begun in the skies, in the air and on the land. It becomes so cloudy that sun is not visible for many days. Many animals and birds become suddenly disappear hence their sighting is very rare. But the frogs and many insect exceptions to this and are in full strength everywhere and are unwanted guests into homes.

The trees around are taking continuous rain bath and fulfilling their year long thirsts. The Alphonso Mango tree as well is geared up and preparing itself for next flowering which will be due in coming winter as soon as monsoon sets off. The prolonged monsoon is an indication of good winter and flowering is better in colder climates. Colder climate is conducive for Alphonso Mango flowering but not extended winters beyond 4 months. Just before the monsoon the Alphonso Mango tree receives their dose of fertiliser every year. The reason to feed them fertiliser just before monsoon is as they need lot of water to disseminate the nutrients and rain water is the best source of natural water. The watering through wells and rivers sometimes imbalance in nutrients and contaminated. Hence unless its absolute necessary the other sources of water are avoided. Monsoon lasts for around 4 months with its dry and wet spells.

Shravan is very auspicious month in Indian culture which falls in monsoon season. It’s actually a month from where monsoon starts receding from konkan. Its hide and seek playful event for Sun which is out after so many months. The transition of rainy season to the winter is observed by a heat wave known as October heat probably a natural phenomenon to wipe our all unwanted dangerous fungi and harmful bacterial growth in stuffy and clammy atmosphere from this land and making it further fertile with more water vapour and steam generated within upper crust of soil. The nature acts with all its wisdom to make it so healthy and beautiful for all of us living on its planet, isn’t it!

Couple of weeks later of winter, Alphonso Mango trees will start to receive their seasonal bloom, protruding greenish little buds from the tendered pinkish leaves. As the winter progresses these buds becomes flowers with tiny Alphonso Mangoes around. Hard to believe but every single flower has thousands of tiny Alphonso Mango fruits. And to one’s surprise, over the period towards the maturity of fruit only bunch of 5 to 6 of fully-grown Alphonso Mangoes will be yielded for harvest. No wonder why alphonso Alphonso Mangoes are so expensive. This flowering takes farmers for tasks and most of his efforts are into saving these tiny little fruits hanging through the flowers. The choice of pesticides to avoid any attacks of insects lies with the type of attack and cycle of flowering, life of tree etc. Many and multiple factors are taken into consideration and farmers are vary cautious before spraying any pesticides. Alternate methods like insect traps and some special herbs smoke around trees is a good idea to keep insects away.

As the winter progresses, Alphonso Mango comes to its shape and achieve its medium size. On the advent of summer and more humid weather its size and weight gradually increase till its harvest. The harsh summers sometimes affects this crop and the cyclonical movements towards ends of summer season also a challenging effect on fruit production. In Summer the farmer is after the matured fruits and harvest them from their orchards, pack it safe in wooden boxes or corrugated boxes to send it to markets. They send to all cities like Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Bangalore Chennai and other tier 1 tier, 2 cities of India for online shops from you can order Alphonso Mangoes online, retail shops, wholesalers. You can buy these Alphonso Mangoes online and offline. Our produce is available on www.alphonsoAlphonso  in this harvest period in summer which last for 2 to 3 months with multiple cycles of harvest.

By the time its end of summer and the closing of Alphonso Mango season, the great Indian monsoon again arrives with its divine clouds with sound of drums thundering the skies and the firecrackers of lightnings to quench the thirst of this konkan land. A fresh ,A new, to celebrate life once Again !

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