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The Indian Premium alphonso market recorded cumulative sales of 3 crores in FY2022-23. Going forward, this growth will be 15% CAGR in the Indian market. It means 20000 – 1Dozen box shipped across India at premium prices. This market may near to double the Alphonso Mango requirement in 53000 boxes per annum sales by 2030.

Many online players in race to launch online businesses but good quality mangoes will be available either at farm end or at village shops. is online store where across India people buying for delicious quality and delightful experiences.

At Farm level we focus on Quality standards, where we have stringent quality measures at farm level. Right from harvesting to packaging nearly 50% of fruit disqualify to attain online customer requirements. This is why online fruit prices is double that of roadside retail prices.  Retail market, it has grown by 6-8% and Premium market growth by 15%, which means the premium segment is slowly increasing penetration. Overall, It had gone to 2% of the overall market. It is a slow and steady penetration but to be very pragmatic.  We think double-digit growth in the region of 15% is what can be sustainable.”

This would also mean that the alphonso premium market penetration could potentially increase to over 3 to 5% of the overall Indian alphonso mango consumption which could hit 50000 boxes per annum by 2030,

To be sure, in covid, every online market has bounced back with vengeance growing at almost double the pace of the offline market.

After covid these buyers continue to prefer trusted brands with high service standards.

So far till 2023 year, we sold 2000 boxes per annum compared to1000 boxes per annum. These boxes are delivered to one of the toughest areas in Jammu and Kashmir, Orissa, Arunachal Pradesh. Out of total market the matured markets are Mumbai, Pune.

There are  two critical aspects for future growth of total consumption in volumes – the economic development and the cultural development.

All the economic parameters of strong corporate results, high GST collection and growing economy has helped the PREMIUM ALPHONSO MANGO market to grow at a very healthy pace so far and as the nation moves towards a US$5 trillion economy, with a younger demographic, the market should eventually hit a record demand every year.

“The culture transformation is happening, it’s a bit slower, but there will be an inflection point when they both come together in a significant manner, post 2030. Then one may see growth will accelerate beyond low double-digit growth,” he added. today is the 5th largest seller in the country and distributes 350000 fruits with 4 grades in its packhouse from classy to Prince alphonso mango, Thanks to the rising demand and a significant order during covid. After covid this demand sustains.

With the launch of the Alphonso pulp , the order book has further swelled to  4000 kg from 1000kg during 2018-19, with the new mainstream alphonso pulp, generating 4000 kg  of pulp orders amounting to additional revenues. Advance booking from ice cream manufacturers at peak.

The good winter and absence of heat waves continues to drive sentiment at farmer level as well as the momentum in the market, and our company has lined up for harvesting from February every year.

Our biggest priority is to build the desirability of the brand over volumes. In line with the vision, the company’s top products required acquisition of good orchards.  

Experts in food market says the market is maturing fast and the less residual value could drive the new premium sales in the future. They says the alphonso maturity cycle period has come 120 days to 100 days a few years ago.

Geology and Alphonso Mango Plantation
Biodiversity surrounding Alphonso Mango Orchards in Konkan Belt of Maharashtra

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