Honeybee at alphonso farm

Honeybee and Alphonso Mango Orchard

Sunrise on coastal konkan is a beautiful countryside scene to watch out for. The first golden rays are showering silently on the misty dawn with the golden waves of Arabian seas gliding onto the beach and dancing on the chirping of birds. So much to experience. No wonder why alphonso mango here is also golden by these golden atmosphere. In the winter bloom of alphonso mango, the ivory little mango flower buds with mystical aroma fill the atmosphere and you lost in this aroma imagining the arrival of Alphonso mango in coming summer.

The honey bees and the golden ants are crowded on alphonso trees. The two most important helpers of nature. The honeybees responsible for pollination whereas golden ants eat away the small insects on flowers. Many honeycombs are hanging on the mango or jackfruit trees around which is treat for monkeys and the black bears. The livestock has entered the mango orchards, not interested in the mango trees but enjoying the little grass with mild dew on the ground. They will now graze here for the hours and return back at sunset. The barking Deer and wild boars are hiding around the shrubs giving company to the cows and their calves. Wild cats striking the ground for mice around and bigger cats and foxes are after the wild hens and ducks on the ponds.

Duck tails are long with their ducklings the  little ones hiding under the mother’s wings, sighting dangerous ravens, kites and sea-eagles. The lapwing always present, raising alarms for unwanted arrivals of reptiles, crocks, monkeys or human. Its morning time, the village women are on the wells accompanied by their pet dogs. The cold water from the wells full of nutrients sometimes sweet or saline is being discharged into nearby rock tanks. The bulbuls and the robin taking fresh morning baths into tanks and sunbirds peeping their nose seeping into nectars from flowers.

Wow! what a sight it is, indeed a heavenly atmosphere around. This scene starts every day on the first rays of sunrise, the whole nature on the earth comes to play hide n seek with these rays and their shadows.

The success of Growing Alphonso mango on Konkan Laterites
Geology and Alphonso Mango Plantation

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