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Madagascar and Alphonso Mango Konkan Belt

It has been 90 million years since land of Konkan is separated from Madagascar landmass. The super continent known as Pangea was a single landmass on the earth till 200 million years ago. The Gondwana land was a southern supercontinent of Pangea comprising continents of Africa, South America, Australia, Antarctica and Indian subcontinent. They were bound to each other in a single Gondwana landmass surrounded by alkaline saline water known as sea today. After the catastrophe of asteroid impact on the earth , the age of dinosaurs came to an end. Lot of creatures became extinct during this devastating event. Few reptiles such as crocodiles and alligators could able to survive this shock and survive this event.

Supercontinent fractured and separated into different landmasses known as 7 continents today. These landmasses keep on moving for millions of years now. The tectonic plates within the crust of the earths are instrumental in this. The boiling lava oozes out of the seas and oceans, cools down in water and gives birth to the new islands. The natural events such as Tsunami also occurs in oceans as a result of movement of tectonic plates and huge water walls strikes the coastal areas destroys the habitat. The rifts keep developing on the land such as most recent development in Africa continent at Somali plates which may give birth to one more new continent.

Indian subcontinent separated from Gondwana landmass around 90millions years ago and headed towards Tibetan plateau. The Himalayas, the youngest mountain of Indian subcontinent was formed when the subcontinent impacted Tibetan plateau. The landmass of Konkan on Indian subcontinent on its west shares the similar tropical climate and geology of eastern Madagascar in Africa. The flora and fauna of these two tropical regions share the same habitat in their brotherhood. Today Konkan has Sahyadri mountain range on its east spreading from north to south the Arabian sea in west. The Sahyadri was the biodiversity in Madagascar and Konkan has various things in common. The soil conditions and geographical features are also similar. Konkan is blessed with very sensitive biodiversity and after the human settlement, the land was discovered to be fertile and conducive for horticulture.

The world-famous fruit and king of mangoes Alphonso Mango, hails from this beautiful Konkan region. The divine taste and fragrance of this Alphonso mango fruit is so astonishing that people never forget its taste and go nostalgic with lot of memories attached to it in future. The summer is the time for arrival of this divine fruit. The Ratnagiri and Devgad Alphonso Mango region are the most known for its Alphonso as climate and soil is very conducive here. Our Devgad and ratnagiri Alphonso mango orchards are in this area since 1890 now and the Alphonso mango available on from March to June every year.

Alphonso mango orchard care Since 1890
Alphonso Mango Ice cream Recipe

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