Alphonso mango in trunk

Delivery of Devgad / Ratnagiri Alphonso Hapus Mangoes in Trunk

This cute little elephant baby definitely wants to relish the Alphonso Mango and I am sure it won’t share it with others soon. Afterall who do not love Alphonso Mangoes and would not lost in its divine taste and mesmerising aroma. I don’t think we should snatch it from this beautiful baby. It will play with it. Pick it …and hold into his trunk and twist it to fulfil his cravings. Wow so much of fun for him.

Hey! I just recollected one thing from his trunk …Did you know that there is still a practice and conventionally the Alphonso Mangoes were being packed in trunks. Yes trunk! Not of this baby elephant but the actual tin boxes known as trunk since many decades now. These trunks thought to be a perfect packing for Alphonso Mangoes during their transit from one place to another. But why trunk? 

In earlier days the Alphonso Mangoes from konkan region in India near Arabian sea used to travel via sea route and then by road to its respective location by these trunks. Cargo cum passenger Ships and boats were the main mode of transports than rough kuttcha roads. Probably trunks were used to safeguard Alphonso Mangoes from damage from rodents and wear and tear during this water transport. To my surprise this is being the custom to send it by trunks and farmers taking pride to send them like these for many years to the city of dreams to Mumbai which shares the same Arabian sea.

My question to my grandfather was always on suffocation of these Alphonso Mangoes that they must be experiencing during their transit. We all know Alphonso Mangoes once harvested in mature stage, keep themselves on ripening mode till they get fully ripen and we enjoy them then. If they are suffocating like this weren’t they had lost their real quality and taste. What aroma would they have?

There is another way of packing them in wooden crates which provides proper ventilation to the Alphonso Mangoes with proper gaps within planks of wood. But trunk might be a practice then mainly we found due to handling issue at various points of transit which was unfortunately not a case in today’s world wherein lot of couriers handles perishable and fragile goods carefully at least the few with international repute.

Trunk packaging now a days becoming absolute and only left with few Alphonso Mango farmers in our region. And most of them are now shifted to wooden crates known as ‘Lakdachi Peti’ or ‘Pinjara’. This Pinjara word is vary famous in southern Ratnagiri region like Devgad featuring a unique carpentry box framing to these wooden crates which differentiate it from northern Ratnagiri region where they rely on just assembling wooden planks. This special framing makes Pinjara a most safe and sturdy packing for Alphonso Mangoes not only from wear and tear but also from theft of Alphonso Mango pieces from inside the box. Its impossible to tamper with Pinjara because of its unique carpentry built. The wood is generally made up of Alphonso Mango tree locally available in plenty. Sometimes in scarcity of Alphonso Mango wood, these crates are also manufactured out of rubber wood.

For short distance transit one-time usable paper corrugated boxes, many times in bulk packing are also being popular now a days, but the ventilation and damage in such packing is an issue. Corrugated paper boxes are still fine for small pack sizes say one dozen of Alphonso Alphonso Mangoes which is quite convenient to handle by couriers with proper ventilation holes and thick paper packings and wrapping Alphonso Alphonso Mangoes inside in foam net and hays. While you buy or order Indian Alphonso Mango online or alphonso Alphonso Mango online from any Alphonso Mango online shop, you will receive them safe in such corrugated packs. We also send them in similar ways from www.alphonsoAlphonso Alphonso in case you need Alphonso Mango home delivery all across India for the best alphonso fruit online shop experience including Delhi Mumbai bangalore Hyderabad and all major cities of India.

Hey we were on the trunks and see where we came from that baby trunk. Chalo lets track that baby in the woods again and see what is that its playing with…

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