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Our GI TAG No.: AU/7056/GI/139/730 for our Alphonso farm ‘Kanya Baug’ in Devgad

The king of mango: Alphonso mango of ‘Devgad’ and ‘Ratnagiri’ origin

A Geographical Indication or a GI is an indication used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. Such a name conveys an assurance of quality and distinctiveness which is essentially attributable to its origin in that defined geographical locality. Darjeeling Tea, Mahabaleshwar Strawberry, Blue Pottery of Jaipur, Banarasi Sarees and Tirupati Laddus are some of the GIs. GI tag gives the rightful share in the intellectual property to the farmers and the place of origin of the produce. The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion has taken several initiatives in this regard and is actively involved in promotion and marketing of GIs with a vision to enhance the horizon both socially and economically for GI producers.
The king of mangoes, Alphonso, better known as ‘Hapus’ in Maharashtra, is in demand in domestic and international markets not only for its taste but also for pleasant fragrance and vibrant colour. It has long been one of the world's most popular fruit.
Our GI TAG No.: AU/7056/GI/139/730
(Source: Intellectual property of India under Ministry of commerce and industry, Government of India)

History of GI Logo and Slogan
The logo signifying "Geographical Indications of India" contains the letters 'G' and 'I' which are used together as an acronym for Geographical Indication (GI). The logo resembles the 'General Location Symbol' representing that each GI has specific characteristics which attributes to its place of origin This logo also bears the tri-colour of the Indian national flag, thereby furthering a sense of pride and essence of Incredible India.


Our Mangonet registration no: MH3001075701 for EU

APEDA’s initiatives in Traceability in India

To assure the importing countries that the quality requirements are being maintained at every level of supply chain , APEDA took initiatives to set up traceability mechanism in agricultural products, as this area is gaining more and more importance due to the growing awareness in the international market, especially in the major markets of developed countries. It helps to establish clear linkages between the stake-holders through ‘farm-to-fork’ monitoring to ensure implementation of appropriate pre-harvest & post-harvest practices, processing and ensuring quality & food safety.

Our Devgad Alphonso Farm

  • Kanya Bag,Village Vijaydurg, Devgad Taluka, Sindhudurg District Maharashtra-416806

Alphonso Mango Farm Certifications:

Our GI TAG No.: AU/7056/GI/139/730 for our Alphonso Mango Farm I  Mangonet registration no: MH3001075701 for EU