Mango ice cream

Alphonso Mango Ice cream Recipe

Alphonso Mango Ice Cream

The Alphonso Mango Ice Cream among the most preferred Ice cream compare to other flavours in the world. Kids or Adults both loved and cherish Alphonso Mango Flavour. Its hard to find anyone in India who don’t like Alphonso Mangoes and Alphonso Mango Products, so not only people like to eat Alphonso Mango but also to enjoy value added Alphonso Mango products.

In summer days Alphonso Mango ice cream consumption at peak. But there may be some chemicals in the store’s ice cream. So, we can make ice cream at home without using any preservatives and with 4 or 6 ingredients.

Ice Cream feels soft and creamy structure as heavy or whipped cream is used to make Alphonso Mango ice cream. It has great nutritional values which benefits to Kids

What is Alphonso Mango Ice-cream made up from

Ice cream made up from Alphonso Mango-flavoured is made up from fresh alphonso mango or Alphonso mango pulp. Its Fusion ice cream recipe mixing fresh Alphonso Mango and cream. Different companies follow different food formulations which includes Preservatives, creams, food colours, and many more things.

For bigger size ice cream manufacturers this ice cream formulation set by chefs which is well known in hospitality industry. Some may used coconut cream and some people make with full-fat milk.

This Alphonso Mango ice cream is easily available through distributors in retail shops across India or through company operated franchisee shops. Ice cream can be made up with or without sugar for diabetic consumers who want to loose weight.

Benefits of Alphonso Mango Ice-cream

The raw material to make Alphonso Mango ice cream, is fresh Alphonso Mango or alphonso pulp which is the source of good vitamins and good for eye health. Alphonso Mango contents beta carotene which is converted into vitamin A. This vitamin A good for our eyes and it cures night blindness.

In Alphonso Mango ice cream quality is highly dependent on raw Alphonso Mango or pulp quality. It helps in improving vitamins C which in turn good for skin and hair to develop.

Alphonso Mango contents tryptophan which is good for good harmonical changes in brain. So it reduces anxiety, frustration.

Glutamine Acid is known for powerful memory

Recipe of Homemade Alphonso Mango Ice Cream Recipe

 It is better to use sweet alphonso or sweetened alphonso pulp as if mangoes are sour in taste, taste of ice cream to be improve by added sugar and condensed milk. If you used semi ripe Alphonso Mango, after Blanding it does not become that much smooth as that of ripe Alphonso Mango. Good-quality ripe Alphonso Mango is important in mixture.

Whipping cream uses gives the best result for any the ice cream we make and whipping cream has some sweetness which in turn requires less sugar to add.

When using sugar and condensed milk together , please keep in mind that condensed milk has its own sweetness , if its excess in mixture then final product sweetness will be higher than expected and that is not good for consumption.

Fresh Ripe Alphonso Mangoes to be peel off and then chop in small pieces to make ice cream because when you eat the ice cream the fresh Alphonso Mango bite gives you more taste and gives more Alphonso Mango flavor.

Water should not be used in Alphonso Mango ice cream. If some one by mistake use semi ripe alphonso mango , the mixture will not be watery and ruin the creaminess of final produce.

Its very important to have fluffiness of cream to use cold whipping cream and the bowl in which ice cream get served. The well fluffy mixture in a cold container can be stays  for a long time.

Many chefs and home made recipies recommends colour to be added but we are not recommending it . The deep saffron colour devgad alphonso mango or deep yellow colour alphonso mango will serve the purpose of food colour in the ice cream.

Cooking Duration– 6 hrs


1. Alphonso Mango pulp (1kg)
2. 5 cup whipping cream or coconut cream
3. 1 cup condensed milk
4. 1 teaspoon powder sugar
5. Pinch of salt for balancing sweetness
6. 1 chopped Alphonso Mango


1. Add Cut Alphonso Mango, sugar, and a pinch of salt into pot and blend them, until mixture turns into smooth paste/puree.
2. Now in a bowl add the Alphonso Mango pulp 1 kg and mix condensed milk. Mix it very well and check the sweetness if sweetness is less then you can add powder sugar as per your taste.
3. Take a chilled bowl pour the whipped cream and use a whisk or electric beater, beat it until it’s become stiff peaks.
4. Mix 1,2 and 3 and blend them slowly and ensures that the cream does not lose its air.
5. Now take a container and pour entire mixture and mix it gently with spoons then cover with plastic film and freeze for 6 hours at least.
6. Here comes Alphonso Mango ice cream for you, Before serving Alphonso Mango ice cream remove it from the fridge for 2 or 5 minutes then scoop it .
7. It can be served for 5 to 6 family members.

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Alphonso Mangoes Standard Packaging in 500 gms Pouch.

Mangoes are hand-picked , sorted, graded, washed and carefully peeled.

Pulp of approximately 1kg Alphonso mangoes results into 500 gms Pulp.

Rich in Vitamins like Vitamin A, B complex & C.

Low in fat and contains not more than 7% of added sugar.

Can be enjoyed straight from the Pouch by young and old folks alike!

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Does not contain any artificial flavours and thickeners.

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Unopened Pouches, can be safely stored at room temperature!

Shelf life is 18 Months

Instructions for use:

Using our Mango Pulp you can be enjoyed wide range of easy recipes like mango milk-shakes/smoothies, ice-cream, yogurt, tropical cocktails, mousse, cakes, pastries, pies, muffins.


Unopened Pouches of Alphonso Mango Pulp can be safely stored at room temperature for 18 months. Once the Pouch is opened, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator after transferring the contents into a glass jar and it is to be consumed within 7 days after opening of pouch.

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